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staking revolution

Embark on Babylon’s Testnet journey and become a Bitcoin Staking Pioneer

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Step 2

Get Signet Bitcoin tokens through the Discord #faucet-signet-btc channel and BBN tokens through the Discord #faucet channel

Step 3

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Stake Signet Bitcoin

Step 4

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Share your Polygon address & Claim your Pioneer Pass

A New Era for Trustless Bitcoin Staking

Are you one of the most adventurous Bitcoin Pioneers?

The first trustless native Bitcoin staking platform from Babylon is here. To be the first to experience the future of Bitcoin, and become an official Bitcoin Staking Pioneer, you can take part in the Bitcoin Staking Testnet. To prepare you will need to download an OKX & Keplr browser wallets and acquire some BTC Signet tokens using the Babylon Discord #faucet-signet-btc channel.

Pioneer Pass NFT

Early stakers on Babylon's Bitcoin Staking Testnet will be rewarded with a commemorative Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. The claim period is only open until 5th March, 2024 and with limited supply.

Read the full announcement here: Babylon’s Bitcoin Staking Testnet — Open for Public!.

How to prepare for Bitcoin staking?

Preparing for Bitcoin staking is crucial before diving into it. The preparation involves:

Check out this video walkthrough to guide you through the setup process and be ready to become an early Bitcoin staking pioneer!

What is
Bitcoin Staking

Bitcoin is gold, and you should hold it. What can you do while holding it?

In the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) world, holding = gaining: PoS token holders can stake their tokens to secure the PoS chain and get rewarded.

Babylon makes this possible for Bitcoin holders: We turn Bitcoin into a stakable asset for any PoS chains. By locking your Bitcoin in a trustless and non-custodial way, your Bitcoin becomes an active security provider. Trustless Bitcoin staking is a revolutionary approach to blockchain security, allowing Bitcoin holders to use their idle Bitcoin to enhance the security of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains.

This method involves trustlessly staking Bitcoin without the necessity of bridging them to PoS chains, thereby integrating Bitcoin into the PoS economy and transforming it from a passive asset to an active security provider.


Why is Bitcoin staking safe?

The safety of Bitcoin staking with Babylon is underpinned by a protocol ensuring full slashable PoS security, staker security, and liquidity.

This protocol allows for secure and fast unbonding of staked Bitcoin, ensuring robust protection against safety violations in PoS chains and providing Bitcoin holders with a secure and trustless staking experience.